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Nothing but plants

May 18, 2020

Planting a large raised bed in our customers garden in Worcester.

Having spent a lot of time designing and producing planting plans the fun bit arrived. Planting! we started very early with loading up the van with the great looking plants and then once on site we laid them out according to the planting plan that we had produced to our customers specifications. Then it was just a case of planting all 150 plants.

Always lovely to see a finished bed and this one is definitely no exception. Having been in organisation for 2 months, and in planning for longer than that, it has finally been finished and looks great. Both us and the customer are very happy with the outcome.

Off to Kempsey and back to the maintenance. We uncover a Forsythia covered in brambles- The huge plant was totally clogged with brambles we had waited for it to finish flowering and set to work. Unfortunately we eventually discovered nesting Blackbirds. Regrettably, it was too late and shows that at this time of the year we must all be extra vigilant when taking on such tasks.

Regular garden work in Droitwich, Besford and then Pershore- We visit an elderly lady who recently lost her brother, a very nice man who we had also worked for.

We were privileged to have worked for him and had been amongst our regulars for over 4 years. We had always found him very humorous and had always time for a chat and a story. Being from my hometown, Blackburn he had always talked about ‘home’ and his garden, he had always enjoyed watching the team tidy the garden and we did are best to keep it for him. Sadly missed.

Back down the road we had been set the challenge of pruning a huge and healthy laurel- The decision was made to post-pone however, this was due to the last flowers being active and as a rule we will endeavor to prune without an environmental impact on wildlife and when possible, its best for the plant.

A day at Kempsey again and in a garden which keeps us busy through-out the year. We carry out our regular tasks to manage a large grounds.

A wet day in Droitwich with regular maintenance- We meet a man who lives in the old farm land of the Chateau Impney. Another garden to look after with different challenges. We look forward to working for a very friendly and interesting man.

Rain stopped play at 1500hrs and it was an early (and appreciated) finish to a great week…..


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