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Instant Scenery Outstanding Garden Design

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MONDAY 1/9/2014 A day today of clearing in Droitwich: We always enjoy making an impact on a garden so sometimes (oddly) the favourites for us, is when we have a garden that is totally overgrown. We look around the areas…

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Outstanding Garden Design

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MONDAY 28/7/2014 New week, new customers. We visit for garden maintenance and wip round pruning the vast array of flowering shrubs. We dead head Roses and work the ground. We head over to another new customer located next to the…

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Instant Scenery Outstanding Garden Design

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MONDAY 7/7/2014 A lovely day meeting a new client and seeing a relatively young and very well organised garden. The plant specimens were mixed and varied. The garden was split into three parts; an area of vegetables, including a huge…

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Outstanding Garden Design

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MONDAY Pitchcroft Worcester The plans were set and the plants were positioned at the garden. We had a day of planting up a border in the beautiful sunshine over-looking Pitchcroft race-course. First job of the day was to pick up…

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