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What are the best reasons for hiring a professional gardener? Part one!

There are dozens of reasons for hiring a professional garden maintenance service to help with the chores of keeping a well-manicured property. In our time, we have heard numerous reasons for engaging our services, and here we outline the top five reasons that our clients have given us, and to what specific benefits each reason can provide.

1. Engaging a garden maintenance company can save a great deal of time (and money!).

This is the most frequent reason that our clients give for engaging us. Even a modest garden can take up a lot of time in its upkeep, and often there is a variety of different tasks that are required: mowing lawns, cutting back hedges, clearing patios of weeds, tending to beds and dead-heading flowers. In other words, it isn’t just one simple task that you can so easily become familiar with, but rather different demands at different times of year.

The costs of maintaining your own garden isn’t simply a question of time spent, however. There is investment in equipment, there is the need to store it, and there is also the need to maintain it. (For many of our clients, the fact that we can provide our own equipment is a key factor in their purchase decision of our garden services).

Time savings can easily be converted into sterling costs, and in our time-poor modern society, the value of a quiet weekend could be regarded as a premium space. To enjoy these premium moments in a well-kept space, without having to spend the weekend doing it yourself, is therefore an important consideration. It is the quality of the time you get to spend in your own garden rather than toiling away that needs to be noted.

2. To add value to your home.

There is no doubt that a good-looking garden will help make that vital first impression to new visitors and prospects who are looking to buy your home. Not only that, but it will also help establish a base from the very first estate agent who comes to value the property in preparation for a sale.

One study indicated that street litter outside a home can reduce the price of that property by a staggering 12%, whereas a well kept garden, in a study by HomeSearch, indicated that it could add a stunning 20% to a property.

Whatever the reality of such surveys, and they are likely to be more complicated and variable than such a simple headline figure, it is also very important to think of the type of garden you would like if this is the key motivating issue for recruiting our garden services. Is it a property that you would like to sell on to a certain demographic? This determines what the best garden design could be a certain property: if they are likely to be retired couples purchasing the home then the garden should be relatively easy to maintain. For young, busy professionals, then they too are probably not looking for a high maintenance garden they have to invest many hours in to keep it pristine.

3. Botanical know-how.

Picking the right plants for your garden is a key influence in choosing a garden maintenance company. We at Instant Scenery specialise in purchasing plants on behalf of our clients and in many of our garden design plans we can actually simulate who your beds will look, allowing us to make details plans of your choice of species. With our award-winning experience including garden designs at the Malvern Spring Show, Chelsea, and BBC Gardeners World, Instant Scenery are well suited to giving you the correct and impartial advice for helping make your vision a reality.

But garden maintenance is far more than just picking the right plants to achieve the look you want. We also ensure that the health of the plants and scrubs is maintained year round through the correct and property pruning techniques for each species. Most often, this involves pruning back roses to get the best of the growth for the flowers in June through to August, or managing wisteria and even a few apple trees. Likewise, we know what pests and diseases to look out for – such as the telltale signs of Lilly Beetle or the astonishing relationship between ants and Greenfly on the roses (the former ‘farm’ the latter for the honeydew that the aphids secrete as a byproduct, and will actually move aphids to parts of the rose that are free from other aphids to increase the yield).

4. Green waste removal.

Disposing of green waste is something that has to be done properly and transparently. I often find myself wishing a silent curse upon some cowboys who have thrown cut Leylandii onto the roadside verges or down some country lane (an increasing occurrence alas), and yet with some green waste this can be quite dangerous. When we have removed topsoil from some old garden that needs to be redesigned, it is important to prevent any contamination of the embedded seeds getting out into the wild (especially if these are invasive species, such as the dreaded Japanese Knotweed, which in some cases can actually render a whole property worthless).

5. Weed killer and chemical control.

Instant Scenery have spent considerable time and money to become qualified in the use and deployment of weed killer chemicals for gardening purposes. In early summer this is a service that we are called upon frequently – for pathways and patios need spraying to remove the moss and weeds that shoot up as the days begin to warm. But our chemical know-how is also important for controlling ‘undesirables’ that might turn up on the edges of your garden: such as Giant Hogweed (capable of causing severe burns through its sap), and the livestock-poisonous ragwort (amusingly also know as ‘Stinking Willie!’)

With the first five reasons to hire a gardener now complete, we look forward to hearing whether you have any reasons yourself that we might have missed out (and please, although I would be flattered, I’m not sure if trying to live the lifestyle of one Lady Chatterly will quite be permitted! I’m not quite on a par with the fictional Mellors, alas!)

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