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Instant Scenery is growing a new talent: Meet Jack!

Tom & I are pretty happy about being joined by our new apprentice, Jack

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been looking at taking on an apprentice to help me maintain our clients’ gardens throughout the Worcestershire area. Now, as of the 13th June, and after several interviews, I can confirm that I have made my decision and have recruited an able young blade to help me.

And at this time of year, with the trees beginning to sag under the weight of their canopies and the hedges looking decidedly unkempt, it is a very necessary thing to have an extra pair of skilled hands to call upon.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to Jack, the newest member of the Instant Scenery team – and my new apprentice!

At only nineteen years of age, Jack impressed me with his attitude and his willingness to learn. Taking on an apprentice is taking on an innate talent and nurturing that ability. It is not, as it is in the most grotesque perversion of the word as demonstrated by the vile BBC program ‘The Apprentice,’ taking on an expert who makes no mistakes (this program, and other celebrity ‘business’ specials, particularly attract my ire: they are about as far from real business as you can get, and encourage bad habits in those who are nurtured on such nonsense). An apprentice, to me, represents someone with the desired attitude, and who can be trained in the desired abilities and knowledge.

And I don’t believe that I am alone in thinking along these lines either. The recent move to encourage more apprenticeships up and down the UK, to teach real hands-on-skills, is the antidote to a problem that has been recognised over the last decade or so: the excess of graduates with degrees that can’t guarantee them to the high salaried positions they hoped for in a globalised and ever increasingly automated world.

Indeed, (and if you will allow me time to draw a deep breath and to puff out my chest with pride), the name of Instant Scenery has only last month been heard in the august halls of Parliament and the House of Commons in relation to the issue of apprentices, uttered with relish by our local Conservative MP Robin Walker who was commenting on the Queen’s Speech, and I don’t believe I can better the words spoken by the Honourable Member on the subject:

“I have seen in my own constituency how apprenticeships can not only give people the chance to earn and learn, and to start their careers, but transform small businesses and help them to realise that, by harnessing the youth, vigour and ideas of young people, they can themselves grow and learn new things.”

(Robin’s words may be found in full in his blog, including his mention of Instant Scenery, in Walker4Worcester, which can be found on this link: Robin Walker speaks for Worcester following One Nation Queen’s Speech).

And I have to say, reading those words again as I write this article for my own blog, it is an astute observation he makes in saying how the youth, vigour, and ideas of young people can help us oldies grow and learn new things ourselves. The transfer of knowledge is never a one way experience – as Jack reads and studies and works, he will likewise educate and inform me on new ways of doing things and expound new theories that have since been developed since my time at Pershore Horticultural College.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to be able to introduce you to Jack as we continue on our rounds to mow and shape and maintain your garden. Be it planting new flowers in freshly weeded beds, cutting back hedges with a whirring trimmer, or pruning the roses beneath the living room window, I have every confidence in admitting Jack to the Instant Scenery team.

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