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instant scenery’s birthday reflection

Birthdays and anniversaries are times of celebration and reflection. We look back at where we have come from, what we have achieved, how we might have done things better or differently, and marvel at how the ebb and flow of life takes you in paths you would not have considered.

At Instant Scenery, we are celebrating our sixth year in the gardening and landscaping business. From the north of Worcestershire, to the Wyre Forest in the west and the Malvern Hills in the south, my colleagues and I have laboured valiantly throughout these years to help our clients get more from their gardens.

Like all businesses, like all growing things too, we have been buffeted by the elements, yet we have grown in the last twelve months and have never been as busy as we are now. When we started, back in November 2009, we were engaged in, mainly, domestic garden and grounds maintenance. In those first few autumn and winter months, our toils were similar as we sought to build a reputation: we cleared leaves from gardens, cut back tottering trees (or cleared fallen poplars and willows), and generally brought order to chaos, doing our little bit to help delay the onward march of universal entropy. And as Christmas gave a rest from our labours, our journey into the New Year and eventual spring brought with it the first of many garden design jobs.

This is where we began to grow. We had our bread-and-butter work, clearing and maintaining domestic and commercial garden areas, but it was with the design and landscaping element of the business that things really picked up. As individuals, it enabled us to expand our own skill sets, managing ever-larger projects from inception through to the final delivery, engaging outside expertise and managing them in their work.

And like the core of good business, good relationships followed. Six years after those first cold months at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, we have widened our skills and broadened our offerings. We work hand in glove with many others to deliver our larger projects. We have expanded our horizons by engaging the media too – our Tweets get shared regularly amongst Worcestershire’s business community, and this too has led to new clients.

For me on a personal level this success has vindicated all the years of effort I put into my education – way back in 1997 I completed my studies at Pershore College of Horticulture, gaining a qualification in Garden Design and Management. Later on, as a member of the Gardeners Guild and Institute of Horticulture, I feel privileged to be able to practise what I love in the gardens of my Worcestershire clients.

So yes, as I toast Instant Scenery’s sixth year, and reflect and celebrate in joint measure, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride and optimism that I have found my calling in life, and that when I next stride out into an unfamiliar garden of a prospective client, I will do so with ever-greater confidence.

Thank you to all our clients who have made these six years the success they have become.

Here’s to the next!


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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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