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Hiring a professional gardener II

What are the best reasons for hiring a professional gardener? This is part two of our series on why you should do so!

In our previous article explaining the reasons for hiring a garden maintenance company we covered the following areas: How it can save you time and money, how it can add value to your home (and, conversely, how an unkempt garden can actually devalue your property), how to take advantage of our botanical know-how in selecting the right plants for your garden (as well as removing any invasive species), how we can ensure that your green waste is correctly disposed of to prevent any contamination, and finally, how our weedkiller license can keep your patio free from weeds.

So what are the next five reasons that our clients have offered us as to why they have employed our services?

1. I have a small garden and don’t know what to do with it.

This sounds counterintuitive: if you have a small garden, then surely it should be easier to keep in a state of good health? Whilst this may be so, having a small garden also limits your options about what you can actually do with it. Firstly, you have little space to keep the necessary equipment (see my next point), and secondly, making a mistake in a small space is a great deal harder to rectify than if it is done in a larger garden – and is also very much more visible. This has the effect of scaring off newcomers to gardening as the constraints restrict their options.

We at Instant Scenery have vast experience in all types of gardens and we can give you great advice about how to make the most out of the space available.

2. I don’t have the equipment and I’m not confident in using it.

Several of our clients have said that they simply don’t have the equipment needed to maintain a great looking garden. As the seasons change, so do the requirements, and with each different requirement, there is often a different tool needed to deal with it. If you have a garden of considerable size or above, then the equipment you need can start to build up to keep up with these demands.

In a similar vein, clients in our time-famished society don’t have the time to train themselves with these (potentially lethal) devices. Where, for example, could one train oneself with a hedge trimmer save for cutting back the one on the border with your neighbour? There really isn’t that much room for error in such a venture, and yet neither is there much room to develop your skills before you commit yourself. The upshot is that many of our clients don’t feel they have the expertise or confidence to wield many of our tools and so they would much rather outsource it to specialists who know how to do it, and to do it well.

3. We can call in the cavalry!

Obviously I’m not literally referring to anything remotely like John Wayne hurtling through the Worcestershire countryside, blazing away with his six-shooters! What I am referring to is the fact that we have often partnered with other businesses in our history to deliver bigger jobs or to get help when projects include areas outside our speciality. In hard landscaping this can often happen: drains might need laying, along with electric cables, a telephone pylon might have to be moved, development permission might be required along with the services of an architect, or a wall knocked down and rebuilt elsewhere. But, the fact remains that we have the contacts for these jobs, and the people we have worked with and liked are people who know their trade and respect our clients. So when you employ Instant Scenery, we can advise on what you might need on any of these large works – and the people we recommend will be known to us.

4. Instant Scenery provide a consistent service.

Getting a garden to look great is not a one-off task! Our garden maintenance service is a regular service that keeps your garden in excellent condition throughout the year. It is true that in spring through to summer we are at our busiest with mowing and hedge trimming, but there is always work to be done for our clients. If you leave off gardening for a month, then the results will be noticeable very quickly. We are there to provide a consistent service so you get the most benefit out of your garden throughout the course of the year, and because of this, getting it ready for the summer months is far easier if it has been so maintained.

5. Our elderly clients enjoy our company and appreciate our help.

There is no doubt that getting a garden into shape and keeping it that way is strenuous work on the body. Whilst the health benefits to gardening are well known and beyond doubt, there comes a time when such active labour becomes too much. We have a number of elderly clients who enjoy their gardens and take pride in them, having spent many years (sometimes decades) getting them to where they are. When it comes too much for them to maintain personally however, we work with them to see that they are still in safe hands and that they can still be enjoyed. Often our work here is as much about companionship as about gardening, and I have to admit to learning a great deal from such venerable heads, drawing on their decades worth of experience in their gardens and allotments and comparing it with my own. It is a wonderful relationship.

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