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A Landscape Gardener’s view on the digital world of #worcestershirehour

As an outdoors man who works in the gardens of Worcestershire and landscapes scenes according to my clients’ wishes, you could be forgiven for thinking that when I refer to Twitter I am talking about the bird-kind.

But I’m not referring to the ‘Chrrr’ of a Blue Tit or ‘A-little-bit-of-bread-and-cheese,’ of the Yellowhammer. I’m referring to the online community: Twitter!

For a long time now, Instant Scenery has been a member of the Worcestershirehour, a Twitter Ring that counts a number of small businesses amongst its participants. It has allowed us to advertise our presence to an interested audience, and we have gained several long-term clients through using it. We are recommended by other uses, and, in a reciprocal manner, we recommend others. We use it to showcase our skills, and to promote what we can do for prospective gardens and their clients.

The other great thing about a Twitter Ring such as Worcestershirehour is that it is local. There are cleaning companies, accountancy firms, and all sorts of services involved.

And being local, we occasionally (not quite often enough), get together.

On Sunday, 6th September, we did so at the Bank House in Bransford, near Malvern. For the second year running, we joined other local enterprises in the Festival of Business, organised by Stuart Allen and #worcestershirehour.

With music, awards, and plenty to eat and drink, Instant Scenery would recommend it to anyone. The weather was kind to us and the gardens looked fantastic in the sunshine.

From 3D printed awards (thanks to, to competitions from our friend (and client!) SME Solicitors (was it really only 25 plastic bags in that bowl?), there was a vibe present that would cheer any would-be entrepreneur. We feel a special thank you must go to SB Print, who designed all our banners and promotional leaflets. Their work was first rate and it helped to introduce us to a wider audience.

Above all though, and for me personally, I found it most rewarding to have spent time with the excellent people from the Primrose Hospice in Bromsgrove ( The work they do is inspirational, and it is a worthy cause for any sponsorship. From organising support groups to offering daily help to those with life limiting illnesses, the volunteers who help at the hospice deserve all our praises and more.

Indeed, as someone who helps, coaxes, and at times pleads with things to grow, it is a reminder to me that that is what entrepreneurism is all about: it is the growth of a person’s potential and the realisation that you get out what you put in. The volunteers and staff at Primrose Hospice are the embodiment of this philosophy. They give so much, and bring comfort to so many others. If you have time, please visit their site and make a donation.


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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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