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The growing Season

We head to Kempsey to look after our large estate. As we do our early morning walk checking the house, borders and grounds for anything un-toward or that needs urgent attention we come across a large fallen branch. The Lime tree that it came from had been damaged and was slowly spitting limbs out the last to leave being the biggest and most dangerous… we set to work taking it from tree to the ground as safely as possible and cutting it for transport to the wood pile. The tree is looking still lopsided but much better for loosing it. It goes to show that large old trees are always loosing parts especially in extreme weather conditions and we should be mindful of this…

Over to our rounds at Droitwich and Crowle. We spend our morning mowing and pruning shrubs, weeding and tidying up as we go. We meet and greet our customers checking how they are and what they specifically want from their garden. We take all the clippings away with us unless stated not to.
Today we also visit two potential clients, introducing ourselves and our services. We check the gardens carefully seeing what they want and expect. We mark everything down of note and discuss timings for a return to complete the work. We can visit throughout the week but it is a good idea to ring in advance. It is always great to see a new garden and to see a new place to give the Instant Scenery touch.

Back to Kempsey, today we complete pruning round the house as the Roses are obscuring views from the top windows. So its up the ladder to cut them back, careful not to prune flower heads but also to be brutal as-well, we take the leggy parts of Wisteria and Forsithia and cut back a Yew archway to a secluded courtyard next to the back of the house (nice to work in the shade) the courtyard has a host of beautiful plants like pink Anenomes, a large (still flowering!) Chaenomeles, Crocosmia (Lucifer, which is taller and deep scarlet) and a very large Rose (May Gold) climbing up above the door way. The flag stones lead out and are full of wild flowers including various types of Campanula. A beautiful picture of hot summer mid July…

We head in the early cool air to droitwich to a garden which we have looked after for many years now. It has been up for sale and seems as though agreement is imminent, very well done to our client! We will miss the garden but we are also hopeful we can take it on with the new owners. Fingers crossed!
Over to our old colleague in the afternoon for a weed and tidy. The weather has been so incredible recently. So very hot, we struggle and must keep hydrated and lots of sun block. This weekend is forecast heavy thunderstorms so its good to get a last mow for the grass and also remember to make sure everything is tied up well and secure…

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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