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Team scenery’s week

A day looking after regular customers and some new ones. In the morning we run through Droitwich visiting a client as she is moving. We look after the garden and visit the new place to see what we are up against. The garden has new challenges and lots to do, with improvements for the client. For now it is ideas time but for the colder months we can get started on organising the garden to their standard.

Today we mow and strim every bit of grass we can find in record timing. As we have worked in this garden for many years we now have developed the skills to do it quickly and having the right tools always helps.

A trip to a garden near Pitchcroft, they have a special event for the weekend and have requested a special tidy to show the garden in all its glory. We work through the garden borders and make sure all aspects are at their best. We discuss all aspects as we go and make sure that everyones happy with our jobs. It really is great to have clients that are so passionate about the garden. We also discuss future plans in particular, what we can get done in the colder months.

Working our standard day in kempsey weeding borders and checking our previous work. We trim back Lavender as it has finished flowering. It is pruned slightly harder to test it a bit and to improve its shape keeping it away from edges and stopping it becoming top heavy. Hoping also it will flower more before fall. That done we strim the grass surounding the lavender making an organised border with sharp neat edges.

Working on various gardens today in Droitwich, Worcester and Besford. We work through organising them for the weekend, we meet our clients making sure we are all on the right wave length and they are happy with our work. That done we finish for a well deserved break.

But wait theres more! We head to a business park in droitwich to work borders, strim edges and mow lawns. We hedge-cut all the island beds keeping them neat and tidy.

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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