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Summer gardening

MONDAY 7/7/2014
A lovely day meeting a new client and seeing a relatively young and very well organised garden. The plant specimens were mixed and varied. The garden was split into three parts; an area of vegetables, including a huge crop of Asparagus, and espeliade fruit trees, including a Peach tree. A lawn in the middle surrounded with a host of roses and shrubs and paths and seating areas on another side. So many plants to see and we spent the day pruning and tidying parts for our clients who were obviously gardeners yet couldnt get the time. A real priviledge to work in such a nice environment.

A day in Kempsey, we mow and prune and tidy as we go. This garden is looking so great at the moment there is always surprises and I’m so happy to see it (reasonably) up to date. We are able to mow all areas of this 5 acre country house in under 5 hours. We also rake the gravel paths and strim under the large trees on the drive.

We do our standard run in Crowle and Droitwich meeting our clients as we go, some of the gardens we have been tending for 4 years. We finish at Worcester next to the race-course in a great garden with yet more surprises, the Catalpa, Indian bean tree has flowered. It is showing beautiful violet blossoms with the promise of more. We run through our jobs and finish in a well maintained garden with great ambition and ideas…

We hit our regular garden and decide on a day of hedge cutting. As we work round we use various tools to do the various heights and hedge types. We tidy as we go and rid our selves of the cuttings on the bonfire. It is important to be careful of wildlife. We have had much experience with hedge cutting and got to a standard way of working which is safe, efficient and thorough.

A busy day working in many different places. We go from Droitwich to Crowle, Besford to Worcester and we even manage to cut my lawn at lunch!

All our gardens have different strengths and weaknesses, they all provide different problems and they all have lots of surprises. It is a big part of the job to talk to our customers so we are both pulling in the same direction, for instance we must know what plants you will like and dislike so that we can show them off or hide them away. At the same time we must take the initiative to do what is right for the garden, like leaving plants till they have flowered before pruning. For me it is always a different day and i can learn from other peoples ideas of Ecology and ideas in Horticulture….

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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