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Rain Rain Rain

Bank Holiday. Our first bank holiday off in 2014. Although we weren’t actually carrying out garden maintenance there was still plenty of planning for the week ahead to do.

Returning from a bank holiday and looking forward to getting back to those gardens and check everything is ok. Wandering the grounds I think to myself how I should remember to put a big thankyou in to all the people who we meet each day, all the people we work for and all the people who know us and support us. I find this job satisfying in so many ways and one of the top ones is the social side….So well done and thanks a lot…

I finish off my day with my first driving lesson with Nigel @pegasus driving school, a really top guy who I look forward to driving round more and hopefully going a bit faster!! Apologies to all the people stuck behind me though…

We have a wet and muddy day in Crowle planting a Buxus Box hedge to close in a border. Also Lavandula Hidcote for the scent, attraction to wild life and again to organise edges. As Dan has many contacts from various nurseries about the Midlands we can always find plants and continue to be competitive with the garden centre offers. We also check quality, move them, plant them and care for them. All sides of gardening, all taken on by Instant Scenery.

Continuous weeding to keep a large grounds tidy. With such a large area to cover, we always feel a little like we are chasing our tails. At the end of the day we aim to be able to really see a difference and hope it makes a difference yearly. I believe that is what is accomplished.

We head off for some preparation for a twitter event at Stanbrook Abbey on the weekend. The idea is to sell plants and our services and also to meet other local businesses from the County. The shopping list is

  • Shelf for storing plants in the van.
  • Open tent for our stand.
  • Table for our stand and display.

and an A3 printer for our displays and pictures.

A huge day as we have many gardens booked for maintenance and are then to head to a nursery to pick up bedding plants for our stand the next day. All runs smoothly and eventually arrive at an old colleague of Dans where we have our pick of the greenhouses. All the plants are judged on quality and packed for the night. Quite nervous!!

Stanbrook Abbey here we come!

We arrive early and set up placing the plants for the best display. Happy with what we have, we talk, meet and greet members of the public and other businesses explaining who we are and what we do. The plants are steadily selling and are most importantly catching everyones eye! Lovely to see Dans family at the event, i hope they had a great day also! Thanks for all the help and encouragement!!

We leave feeling we have given our all and enjoyed it aswell, what a beautiful place with lots of interesting people, businesses and ideas…

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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