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Long busy summer

MONDAY 28/7/2014
New week, new customers. We visit for garden maintenance and wip round pruning the vast array of flowering shrubs. We dead head Roses and work the ground. We head over to another new customer located next to the River Severn. We access the gardens needs and we plan our time logically. With plan settled,I start mowing the largest lawn I have ever worked. Dan is on hedges, he works the box hedge sides neatening up not cutting to much to encourage the growth. They are very old hedges and are worth our time and concentration. We finish the garden checking each others workings and making sure we complete those areas that really make a difference…

Over to our large grounds in kempsey where we take care of the large grounds. At this particular garden we must check all areas every-day. We are checking for damage to trees or areas that need attention. Walking through the garden we decide on jobs that must be done. At the moment we must be checking weeding in the morning as it is cooler, also after rain helps weeding. We check areas for watering also. For me, working in this garden, itis a more traditional grounds keeping role and I can come up with ideas and put them into practice. It is an area where I can become inspired and give more effort than my job role entails. I think many gardeners feel this, an ownership of sorts and also a passion.

We work at the base of the malvern hills. Our task is to take down an entire Leylandii tree. It is very large and we have packed our tree pruner. Although the tool was very expensive it turns jobs like this into much easier and safer experiences.

  • We discuss how to go about it and work out each persons jobs.
  • We make sure we have correct PPE.
  • We start from the bottom removing limbs and taking them to another area to be put into bags.
  • As we strip the tree higher and higher it proves more difficult, the cuts must be effective and safe.
  • Having removed all branches we cut the trees trunk into manageable pieces and score the stump for a stump poison.
  • Final job is to clean up and bag it all up and fit it in our van.

At a large country garden in kempsey we are set the task oftidying a Beech hedge. With Instant scenery we have a large amount of working experience cutting hedges. Over the years I have worked with Dan we have slowly gathered tools and supplies to make jobs easier and safer:

  • Sheeting for catching leaves and clippings.
  • All PPE including gloves, goggles and ear defenders.
  • We have two hedge cutters, one that is extendable and can reach comfortably 10foot hedge tops, second is a standard. They are both top quality machines.
  • Set of ladders for checking or neatening up.

The experience with these tools and the quality of them means we can work at a very high standard on various hedging.

A fairly standard day for Instant Scenery working gardens. Tidying them up for the weekend. So its mowing and pruning. We can always see what needs doing when we view the garden. We check first then work through our list. Our clients always are happy with letting us take initiative and adding ideas as neccessary. We have a feeling of pride and responsibilty in each and every one of the gardens we

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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