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Hedging our bets

MONDAY 16/6/2014
Monday saw a visit to an old colleague for Dan and I. We hadn’t seen him in a while and he was in need of getting his garden up to scratch. The jobs were weeding, tidying and trimming the Privet hedge. The hedges are starting to grow and we have geared up with a new tool to make it easier, quicker and safer. Though at a large financial expense.

Lots of mowing and more hedge cutting in the morning then weeding all afternoon. At our large grounds in Kempsey we are always really tested with controlling so many beds but this year I am very pleased that we have got most the weeds under control and keep everything back and tidy so that we can fill it with plants including Crocosmia, Rudbeckia, Fuschia and in incredible amounts of Foxgloves…

Maintenance in Droitwich for the morning then over to Crowle for pruning. A lovely mix of winter and summer Jasmine made it a tricky job and also having a large amount to cut!

Over to another garden in Crowle and we can see that we have made vast impact on some very difficult beds strangled by weeds including a dominant Ground Elder.

Back to Kempsey and its yet more weeding, hedge cutting. In the final hours we spend our time weed-killing paths and roads and planting a horse-shoe border, semi-circling a gorgeous Mulberry, with Nicotiana Tabacum.

We finish our week as usual with maintenance and mowing in Droitwich and Pershore. Then over to Worcester to a garden right next to the pitch croft racecourse. The temperatures are rising and the grass is starting to slow, we have to drink lots of fluids to keep us going as well…it has not rained now for over two weeks…

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