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MONDAY 21/7/2014
We measure up a garden for a design and planting Job, Then its a day of catching up on paper work and planning the weeks ahead

We have had a little rain in Worcestershire and subsequently the ground is easier to dig. It makes our job of weeding all the endless beds at this large country house so much easier So first job early in the morning (whilst its cool) we can get round as many beds as possible mucking them out and taking all the Couch Grass we find (and there is alot). Another job we achieve, on this incredible hot day in beautiful Kempsey, Worcestershire, is a small hair cut for Wisteria. Pruning Wisteria should be done 2 and 8, that is, February and August but it tends to grow long wispy shoots for super growth its a good idea to take these to keep light to the plant and encourage more flower heads for the next year. So anything long and untidy we take away… we will return in a month to prune it harder encouraging a truly beautiful plants growth scent and flowers.

We take to Droitwich were we have been getting ready for a house move. We keep everything pruned and tidy for presenting the house as best as possible. Alot of people we talk to and work for seem to be house sales. In my opinion this is a really great idea as first impressions can really help plus if no-one is on the premises, it shows. We can help by keeping everything neat and tidy.We turn up regularly working through everything agreed or that we see fit to work, whether that is lawns and edges to fallen trees and hedge cutting. For our clients we are dependable workmen with knowledge in a host of different fields and have had great experience in garden and outdoor maintenance.

Back at Kempsey we decide to cut hedges using our various tools. With a hedge surrounding the entire perimeter aswel as smaller hedges cutting off parts of the garden we work round cutting sides then tops gathering up the cuttings as we go. Its important to keep edges trimmed and neat to promote growth making them thicker and healthier. It is tough work this time of year but we are able to complete it efficiently and neatly.

A good week over, we finish with a day planting up various borders in Crowle. Having emptied the borders of weeds now we get the fun job of planting them. Having the plants also helps keeps those pesky weeds at bay. The rest of the day is spent doing regular maintenance.

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