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Fruit fall autumn

On this day, whilst doing our general rounds about the Worcestershire area, we visit three potential clients. We meet and greet then take a look at the gardens and areas that need tackling. Discuss all the intricacies and leave them happy. We then work out costings and timings later that day. A lot of the work we are taking at the moment is a late summer prune of shrubs or a problem with too much growing like ivy taking over walls. As we go round the garden we identify plant species and explain there habits and when we can prune.

A fairly standard day in beautiful Kempsey. The grass is slowing now, the weeds are slowing also. We are less rushed and are quite capable of improving beds and borders at an easy pace. I am so pleased with these areas this year. Great improvements in emptying borders of couch grass. Although it took lots of work and effort. Saying that we must stay vigilant in all our gardens so we can keep them weed- free until next year.

We spend a day with a new customer and totally unclog a seating area which was completely overrun with brambles. These jobs are our favourite as it makes such an obvious difference. We slowly work back taking everything out and bagging it up. We reach the back sweeping and cutting and chopping. above the pagoda is also overgrown so we climb and open this up to… The finished result is a transformation. A new area for our clients to enjoy.

Another day at kempsey, the bonfire is so huge as we have had some time off. We must get rid of it…but safely and efficiently…

  • We sort the fire into order so it can be added to slowly and safely, we don’t want the fire to go through and burn everything becoming out off control.
  • Check for animal life, having regular fires will reduce the risk of this also.
  • Finding good dry stuff to burn first we start the fire and get it going as fast and hot as we can.
  • Then add throughout the day making sure it will not fall or creep anywhere. Also we make sure that anything around is safe e.g. fields with dry crop.

we check regular gardens mowing, weeding and edging as we go so. Making sure everything is neat and tidy for the weekend. We see our customers and discuss anything that they are thinking for there gardens, for instance with the fall season approaching we are planing much fruit pruning and can check trees at this time. Then in the winter, when the trees are dormant we can prune for a more healthy and fruitful tree.

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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