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Busy in the sun

Armed with our new equipement we set out to break records! A hedge and garden we visit once a year to keep the hedge under control whilst they are out of the country. We also throw in a mow as we know they are back from holidays soon. With theextendable pruner for out of reach branches, and our various hedge cutters and attachents we can make a job, which has taken all afternoon in the past, take a few hours. Impressed enough it also means that we can do better work and in safer ways. It is a great investment to have the right tools.

Working in Kempsey on a beautiful day. I work down the road from our regular grounds carrying out general gardening including pruning shrubs it was unkempt and laggy. Then off down the road where Dan has spent his morning mowing and spend the afternoon planting and sorting out borders to keep everything tidy and at its best.

Another hot day so we pack sun cream and extra water. We spend the morning keeping a bank, covered with large flowerings shrubs, free of weeds so the view from the house has good vision of its current best plants. Weeds are taken, the shrubs are pruned and shaped and the ground worked. The ongoing list for the garden and its beds.

Back to our regular grounds and this time we are out on the road side keeping back the hedge and the grass beneath. It is an important job as the road gets narrower and the view of the road obscured. We spend a good amount of time in the courtyard as it is getting out of hand, so dead-heading two very high Roses,then weeding the stone work and pruning a host of different plants including Euonymous and Cotoneaster.

an early finish as it’s time to catch up on some paper work and quotes.

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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