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Autumn gardening

MONDAY 1/9/2014
A day today of clearing in Droitwich: We always enjoy making an impact on a garden so sometimes (oddly) the favourites for us, is when we have a garden that is totally overgrown. We look around the areas making a list of the jobs that are necessary and get stuck in. In this case we have a large Budleja to reduce and a very overgrown lawn… as we take the lawn down in stages it must be raked and striped back so the mower can cope with the grass at the end, it will not look good but we can give it time and keep it tidy until it is revived. Lots of our day jobs eventually turn into regular maintenance. It is the best way of keeping gardens tidy consistently. We are always willing to come and take a look at peoples gardens to see what they need. Give us a ring to organise a meeting…

A rainy day in Kempsey so we get under cover and plant up various plants to fill all our vast borders. It really been a tough year in this garden but extremely productive with desperately trying to get weeds out, now it all needs covering up with lush plants and lots of colour. We will be adding more yellows to our customers borders. Planted up this week was Hebes taken from the huge existing Hebe we have. Also Lavender to fill in a Lavender hedge with empty areas. It is the part of the week where we do our most technical and traditional gardening. It is an area that is in constant need and we be aware of planning a schedule so we can then plan what is to be done next in a season.

Another garden visit to our weekly garden in Crowle, I must say how pleased I am to see how well the garden has come on. All areas have been cleared, all areas are in control. We have planted throughout the garden with a wonderful mix of roses, shrubs and seeding annuals. Also a Buxus (Box) hedge has been planted to frame the borders on one side. The vegetable patches are free of weeds and ready for planting of vegetables of various species. With all this we must struggle on to keep it clear and tidy into the future. Lots of effort and a really nice garden is the outcome.

Back to Kempsey where we mow the large lawns. The grass is slowing and we are mowing less frequently now. We get round easily in the day in lovely weather.

When finished at Kempsey we check a garden in St Peters. Working out the shrubs that need pruning and the particular areas are customer wants improvement.

We always leave our regular maintenance to Friday. We travel around doing 4 hour visits, mowing and edging lawns. We prune shrubs and tidy areas of the garden that we think need improving. On this day also we visited a garden to check on some very old apple trees. The customers were worried that they were becoming un-healthy and wanted to preserve them and keep them in good condition. We have booked them in for a small amount of pruning in the winter when the tree will be dormant.

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