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A warm week

Pitchcroft Worcester
The plans were set and the plants were positioned at the garden. We had a day of planting up a border in the beautiful sunshine over-looking Pitchcroft race-course. First job of the day was to pick up some lovely ‘organic matter’, not the most glamorous of jobs but it is a perfect additive for under-nourished soils,remember digging it in well is important. Adding a fine top soil to the top to build it up and to give a great base for the plants. That done we lay the plants and get to digging and hey presto…INSTANT SCENERY!!

Well, I was taking it easy having a day off. Dan, on the other hand, was hard at the gardens working for both of us. I took a driving lesson and mastered round-abouts and stalling at traffic lights and generally going slow everywhere…sorry!!

a job we carried out was a Twisted Hazel that was not so twisted, they have a habit of shooting for the sun. To relieve it a bit and get it on track, we cut out all the straight stems leaving the correct shape of twists and turns of a very attractive example of Hazelnut.

To finish the day we mow a lawn and notice just how much it is slowing without any down-pours. If you want lush green grass we can’t recommend water enough!!

It was more freebies for our regular garden at Kempsey,Geraniums and Begonias. That put in place and watered I set toprune a favourite of mine, a group of Figs which is smelling just beautiful.

We fit in one more garden for a friend of ours who needs strimming and mowing in Hallow. The grass is long and takes many attempts to reduce it correctly, that finished we are left with 4 huge bags of grass to shove off with.

It was general maintenance for the weekend, we try to fit in as many as we can see and finish in Worcester. We stand in the garden in amazement as the, recently planted Banana, stands above showing off a great, bulbous flower with the look and promise of fruit. Truly a specacle we are all happy and overjoyed with the result. Pics to follow…we work through the garden tidying and completing tasks in a very pretty and unique garden in a historic part of Worcesters city outskirts…

Please note some advice; as we are booking in the pruning of fruit trees this (sorry to mention it) Winter. We are more than happy to give quotes and book days in now. It is important to get in early as we can check all problems and neccesities.

Of course with all our work, advanced booking is great for youand the garden…thankyou

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Copyright Instant Scenery 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Website By: Dazzle Creative

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