Top Ten Gardening Tips for July

Top Ten Gardening Tips from Instant Scenery


  1. Deadhead faded flowers to encourage more and prolong the flowering period
  2. Start collecting seed for plants you wish to grow next year such as calendula, love-in-the-mist and poppy
  3. Hoe borders to prevent weeds and fill gaps with annuals
  4. Liquid feed containers
  5. Check for greenfly and blackfly on young shoots or stems
  6. Normally we’d be saying to water tubs and new plants if dry, but it’s not stopped raining! Double check just in case
  7. Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed
  8. Harvest apricots, peaches and nectarines and treat apple scab
  9. Remember to ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days. On the warmest days, you may need to damp the flooring down to increase the humidity
  10. Give plants more space as they grow to help avoid pest infestations


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