Top Ten Gardening Tips for Autumn



Gardening is ever changing with the seasons. With the first days of autumn upon us, we have some top tips to keep your garden at it’s best:

Start your Compost

It is essential to replace the goodness in soil and autumn produces plenty of waste for feeding your soil next spring.

Ease off Watering and Feeding

Ease off the watering and feeding because drier plants overwinter better however….

Watering in Warm Weather

….Should early autumn turn into an Indian summer, remember to keep watering thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often. Containers and hanging baskets need watering every day.

Deep Clean

Keep deadheading to produce more flowers because we get warmer autumns than we used to. Once greenhouse crops are over, give the greenhouse a deep clean to prevent pests.

Dig Clay Soil

Start digging clay now. It can be left roughly dug over winter as the cold will break the lumps down making spring planting easier.

Trees and Shrubs

Ensure trees or shrubs planted on grass have a clear circle of earth around them. Grass on these areas will prevent essential moisture getting through. Mulching with bark or compost will help.


With the ideal planting conditions of autumn (warm moist soil), now is the time to plant container grown shrubs, trees, fruit bushes, perennials and bulbs. Water in well.


Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway


Start to reduce the frequency of houseplant watering


Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting

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