Instant Scenery’s Top 10 winter Plants.

Its not all doom and gloom in the garden this winter. If you crave for some colour while you look out of your window on a wet and windy Day then there are some brilliant plants to cheer you up. So wether you have a large country estate or a small balcony on a flat then there is a plant for you. Instant Scenery are here to give you our favourite plants providing winter colour.



Botanical name: Cornus  Common name: Dogwood

 Flowering Cornus or Dogwoods are grown for their vivid colourful stems in winter, usually bright red or yellow. They are fully hardy and depending on the variety can grow between 3-8m (10-25ft) in height. Height can be kept small through pruning hard every 3 years in Feb or March.


2.Euonymus alatus

Botanical Name: Euonymus alatus Common name: Winged spindle tree.

Deciduous shrub providing outstanding deep red colour in early winter. Upon loosing its leaves in late winter it reveals unusual winged stems. Fully hardy and tolerate of most soils and can grow between 2-3m but pruning can keep a reduced height.



3. Chimonanthus praecox

Botanical Name: Chimananthus praecox Common Name: Winter Sweet

A deciduous (loses its leaves in winter) shrub which provides a mass of bright yellow flowers in late January/February which has a highly fragrant  sweet smell.

The plant has long been used in china and Japan and can grow to a height between 2.5m-4m.


4. Helleborus

Botanical Name: Helleborus sps. Common name: Christmas rose

Associated with woodland or cottage garden this plant provides a stunning display of  various coloured flowers through winter. Height and spread depending on variety is normally 40-60cm



5. Mahonia Japonica

Botanical Name: Mahonia japonica Common Name: Japanese mahonia

Evergreen shrub with green waxy leaves providing clustered yellow fragrant flowers. Can grow up to 1.5m high and wide growing in full or partial shade.



6. Skimmia Japonica

Botanical Name: Skimmia sps. Common name: Skimmia, Japonica

Skimmia’s are totally hardy and will grow in conditions from full sun to shade, and even accept a fair amount of neglect. Growing to between 30 and 90cm. These are ideal plants for the containers or a border in the garden providing winter colour through flowers and berries.



7. Cyclamen

Botanical Name: Cyclamen sps.  Common name: Sow bread

A stunning tuberous (bulb like) perennial providing stunning pastel coloured flowers in late Autumn to winter. Ideal for woodland gardens or planted under trees. Good for small gardens or containers.  5-13cm in height and fully hardy to cold British weather.



8. Pyracantha

Botanical Name: Pyracantha  Common name: Firethorn

 An evergreen climbing shrub that is ideal for providing bright winter colour. Bearing bright magnificent red, yellow or red berries in late autumn and winter its an ideal plant for nesting birds. This shrub has large thorns and is ideal used as a hedge. Fully hardy that will grow in full sun or partial shade. Will grow to a maximum height of 4m



9. sarcococca

Botanical Name: Sarcococca  Common name: Christmas box

An evergreen compact shrub that is ideal for providing bright winter colour. Bearing black red or purple berries in late autumn into late winter. This shrub has small colourful flowers that are heavily scented and ideally planted near to a door or path. Fully hardy that will grow in full or partial shade. Will grow to a maximum height of 2m


10. Jasminium nudiflorum

 Botanical Name: Jasminium nudiflorum  Common name: winter jasmine

 An evergreen climbing shrub that is ideal for providing bright winter colour. Bearing bright star shaped flowers in late winter its an ideal shrub to cover a wall or fence. It can grow to about 2.5m in height and is fully hardy.  Grows in full sun or partial sun in most soils.



There is a huge variety of plants for many uses within a garden with so many of them provide stunning winter colour. We are always happy to help so if you require further information or would like to order some of the plants listed above then please contact us via email or visit our website









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