Here comes the sun…..

MONDAY 2/6/14


Starting this week in Worcester at a very organised garden. Weare always given a thorough list with many jobs to work through in our alloted time, an interesting one today is a test for a banana tree. It is to be planted in best position and we hope it will grow well… Our afternoon job was to lay a new lawn. The owners were selling there house and decided to tidy up the garden a bit with a nice new lawn. We were very pleased as everything went extremely well and we finished a good job in double quick time!!






In kempsey on a very changeable day. Due to the exceptional work load we have had to split into Two teams. I was working down the road from the rest of the team on weeding out a border and uncovering somelong lost plants.



OHNO!!! The rain has hit us and it aint gonna stop!! So we welly up. Fortunately it was a wet day anyway, as we were due to pressure wash a patio and a beamed area. So as i cleaned the stones Dan got stuck into cutting a hugely over grown wall ofLaurel. We finished the day having totally changed the area’s. Really enjoyable to make such a difference…




Quite a standard day for us at Kempsey weeding borders and other odd jobs. We had decided to squeeze in one more job that afternoon in Worcester. A customer had asked us if it was possible to cut there lawn in time for a weekend party…it was and hopefully looked great for there guests!




Our day of general maintenance and tidying gardens for the weekend. We finished in Pershore where we had a problem lawn to patch together and, down the road, a huge laurel to tame in a very tidy garden. The owner was a lovely lady with many a story to tell. A good day to end a good week….

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