A Day in the life….

Not quite the Beatles but its our weekly diary

Monday 20/5/2014

holiday for me…Dan at Kempsey so its one man went to mow a meadow…and a orchard….and a large lawn……and a not such a large lawn


In worcester for the second alocated day of a garden clearance everything went very well and quicker than expected…So off down the road to mow a huge lawn!! Keeping all these lawns looking good is a real juggling act and thanks to careful planing and the right tools we can complete them with (relative) ease.


General gardening and maintenance in Droitwich. We have to work extra hard with our weeding, as with the weather being warmer and also a bit wet recently, it all adds to the speed and strength of thoughs pesky weeds. Its good for business tho and keeps us busy.


Weeding the large borders in the rain…Oh well…working as a gardener means you take the weather rough and smooth and we do get alot of the smooth.


Final day of the week and we finish with more wet weather and weeding. A bit glum but ready for a well deserved bank holiday weekend. It gives us time to regroup and plan for the coming weeks…including our event with Worcestershire hour Live at Stanbrook abbey on the 31st!!!!

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